Why Do We Celebrate Christmas

Why Do We Celebrate Christmas

Christmas is Biggest festival of Christians. Christian community celebrate this festival revelry. Nowadays Christmas is celebrated in secular countries by non-Christians community also. On the occasion of Christmas people buy Gifts, decorative things and do fun and frolic. Due to Christmas, its also a reason of big economic activity.

Jesus Christ was a great person who gave education of love, humanity and peace. Jesus Christ is supposed Only The Son of The God.  This Message was not liked by rulers and they hanged and killed the Jesus Christ. But after some days It was found that Jesus Christ  was Alive

Why Do We Celebrate Christmas

On 25th December (Christmas) there is Holiday in world-wide. From Christmas a festival Christmastide start for 12 days. There is no relation between 25 December and birth of Jesus Christ but Christians belive that Jesus Christ was born on 25th December and Celebrate this festival.

The church holds special prayers. People visit their relatives and friends at their home. All give each other gifts. On this day a Christmas tree is planted in the courtyard. Its special decoration is done. Cake has special significance in this festival. The custom of cutting and feeding sweet, cakes is very old. People feed each other cake and greet the festival. Taking the form of Santa Claus, the person distributes toffees, gifts etc. to the children.

It is said that Santa Claus comes from heaven and gives people things they want as gifts.


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