Why does Adsense Ad Limit Appear and how to remove Ad Limit?

AdSense is the biggest source of online earning and it is used for YouTube channels and websites around the world. But the number of blogs and websites is increasing every day and competition is increasing at the same time for google adsense ads. Adsense used to run ads for any posts and traffic source before, but now it is not so. Along with the ranking, Google has also improved in Adsense Algorithm and automation due to which the problem of Ad Limit comes.

Through this post, we will know about all the things that cause Ad Limit problems. Apart from this, we will also know how these problems can be avoided and how the problem of Ad Limit can be fixed? So the first question is,

What is the reason for the Ad Limit?

In the beginning, Adsense used to disable such accounts which had invalid clicks but Google Adsense has improved it to a great extent and instead of disabling the account in such cases, puts a limit. Apart from this, there are many reasons due to which there is a problem of Ad Limit.

Following are the reasons for applying Adsense’s Ad Limit:

  • Invalid Clicks
  • Invalid Traffic Source
  • Poor Content Quality
  • Duplicate Content:

What are Invalid Clicks?

Many times it happens that a person clicks on ads consciously or many publishers also do this to increase their revenue. In this case, Adsense notices these things and if these clicks are regular then the ads are limited, due to which Ad stops running on the website or blog.

adsense ad limit solution

What is an Invalid Traffic Source?

When social or direct traffic comes from one source such as social or direct traffic except for the organic traffic on your website, Google count such traffic and stops showing Ad on such posts or pages. Apart from this, Google sometimes sends ad limit notices to such websites.

What is Poor Content Quality?

Poor content quality means that Google does not find any use and users also do not like such content or sometimes people publish content of Nudity Adult and Pornography type due to which Ad Limit is imposed.

What is Duplicate Content?

Nowadays things like copy paste have become very easy. People like to copy more than the original and many bloggers also recommend it, but copying any content starts getting expensive after a few days and slowly Google marks those websites as spam and in addition adsense duplicate content does not paste notices like Ad Limit bur they show very few ads.

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How to remove Adsense Ad Limit?

You must have read the above things to know why AdSense sounds like Ad Limit, but now we will know how to fix it and how to remove Ad Limit?

Adsense has already become very intelligent, so it does not disable AdSense accounts for invalid clicks or invalid traffic, but instead puts a limit and that is why many times people consciously click on Ads, in which some of the publishers Don’t blame or don’t even know

So in this case, you have to place your ads with auto code and leave it and wait for some time so that the AdSense can observe that the clicks are normal. Apart from this, click fraud plugins can be used, which will give you some help.
Apart from this, people who have Ad Limit can use other Ad Network. Which shows Google Ad Exchange Ads on your website.

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Those google adsense website which has only social traffic, try their best to get their website ranked in Google and their posts are of good quality and organic traffic should also try to lane.

People who write adult or Nude content should use any other ad network which shows ads of nude adult or pornography type content.

Do not use duplicate content because sometimes your website can get a penalty from Google and at the same time both the ranking and Ad limit can end the life of your website. To write the content according to yourself. Do not copy anything other than facts.

So, friends, there was some information about Ad Limi’s problem as well as how to resolve Ad Limit’s problem. I hope this post has been helpful to you.

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