What is youtube shorts: Complete Information

What is youtube shorts: Complete Information

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YouTube has recently launched a new feature called YouTube Shorts, this feature is currently a beta version and in the future, it can come up with a lot of things like Filters, Animation, and more. Many effects can be found in YouTube shorts. So let’s know about YouTube shorts.

What is YouTube Shorts?

YouTube shorts are a feature through which you can upload 15 seconds to one-minute video clips to YouTube. Videos can also be made very easily with the help of YouTube shorts and smartphone cameras. And through this, you can connect with many people.

YouTube shorts seem inspired by TikTok somewhere and may add more features in the future which will give Tiktok users a chance to connect with YouTube as well.

YouTube has understood the strategy of the market and no one else will compete with it in the future, so it has added a beta version of YouTube shorts to the app in YouTube.

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YouTube Shorts: FAQ

So users have lot of queries related to youtube shorts and we answer here every possible queries

how to upload youtube shorts video?

There are two ways to upload YouTube short videos. The first way is to record videos with your camera and upload directly. Whereas in the second method you can upload any video clip of up to one minute.

You can upload youtube short by following the below-given methods and steps.

Method 1: YouTube shorts + camera help

  1. Start YouTube
  2. In YouTube, you will find the symbol of + (Plus) towards the bottom, click on it.
  3. Now you will get the option of create youtube short, after clicking on it, your camera will be there and you can record the video and upload it as youtube shorts.

Method 2: how to upload videos like youtube shorts

To upload a video like YouTube shorts, you have to edit your video frame in the ratio of 1: 1 or 9: 16 (Ratio) and follow the steps given below for uploading.

  1. Start YouTube
  2. In YouTube, you will find the symbol of + (Plus) towards the bottom, click on it.
  3. Now you will get the option of Gallery on your left
  4. After clicking here, you will see all the videos in your gallery.
  5. Now you can select and upload your created short

Is video filter available in youtube shorts?

Right now Youtube shorts is available as a beta with basic features and video filter is also not available right not but very soon they will bring video filter in youtube shorts

Will youtube shorts be monetized?

Google does not have any plan to monetize YouTube shorts yet, but you can gain a lot of subscribers through YouTube short. You can promote things like influencers along with affiliate links in short videos. With which you can also earn money.

What does a copyright strike on YouTube shorts look like?

YouTube shorts can be both copyright strikes and claims on the video. If you have used someone else’s audio-video, you may get a copyright claim or strike. So try to use free available or un-copyrighted music through YouTube.

Can we get silver play button from youtube shorts?

Yes you can get silver button if you reach to 100k subscriber on your channel. It does not mean how did you got those subscribers using shorts or full length video.

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