What is Tablighi Jamaat?

This institution is related to the idea stream of Darul Uloom Deoband, their studies are under Darul Uloom, which is called Darje Nizami. The education here is done in the light of the entire Quran and the Hadiths which teach a Muslim what is a full form of Islam. What Muslims say is filled in the heart and mind of a learner.

In simplification of this education, in 1925 or 26, Iliyas of Mewat block of Gurgaon district, who was named in this Darul Uloom – who had become a teacher of a good Islam in the world of Islam – now became famous as Maulana Ilyas. In order to spread it to the world, he gave birth to this tabulat Jamaat.

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In this, every Muslim is told not to become a Muslim himself, but to make all Muslims solid Muslims. According to Islam, every Muslim is taught the basics of Islam, from the teaching of Kalma, including Namaz Roja Zakat Haj, what is the Quran, what are the Quran Hadiths, from all these basics, what is the meaning of Islam.

The biggest thing in this is in this tabloid group, that every Muslim who has time out from his home should donate his time. Take your time from day one, whoever has time. Stay away from your home or stay away to learn what Islam is.

This work has spread all over the world at this time, it is only with this translating mark that everyone is sent. A team is appointed by making a batch called Aamir. They reach any village or city with their companions. They make their stay in the mosque, they bring food and drink and all the things to make.

Their people eat bananas together, if a Muslim wants to feed with hobby, then he accepts their food too. At the time of namaz, we offer namaz. And all the issues related to the namaz are done in the same village or city. We meet other Muslims, we have come to your mosque with a Jamaat, if you do not read Namaz or do not study, then in the evening we give a feast to attend the prayers of Maghrib.

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And after Namaz, ask everyone to sit for a while, now that Amir Leader of that group, he specially narrates the Fazayale Namaz {Upaz of Namaz} written by Maulana Zakariya Saheb, the name of that book is Nisab. Is a book.

Especially the new people who come in it are taught to read what is read in Namaz and purify it. That is, it is an on-going madrasa to make a total hardcore Muslim.

Darul Uloom is also with it. And along with him is an institution called Jamiyate Ulamae Hind. This became the reason that all the officers of this institution are with this tabligi group.

And there are many organizations in Islam which are also against them, there are many organizations which do not believe in it, they propagate according to their own. While it is said that till the doom, there will be 72 firks or Jamaat in these Islam. All are claimants of Islam and are also claimants of Jannat, but only one will go in Jannat, but what will that spin be? No one knows other organizations except Allah.

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All of these people who say they are powerful say that we are the rightful owner of Jannat, but even after being opposed to each other, everyone is eager to go to heaven. The reason is that it has been mentioned more than 70 times in the Quran and the greed and greed of that paradise have been given. And after all these deaths, you will not live. No one has a corporate deal. There are things to be found in all borrowings in Quran.

In the same Jannati assurance, the Tablig Jamaat – Jamate is seeking to get it to Islam, Deobandi, Barelvi, Wahabi, Kadiyani. Even after having differences with each other, in the greed and greed of those Jannati goods, today, the same year, the head of the Tabulgi Jamaat, Maulana Saad, put the entire India year in trouble.

If the Kafir dies of this act, then Jannat, if he dies himself, Jannat, the people who have done this tablig today, it is only and only the Quran of Allah is guilty. Die or kill all this death is only for going to heaven.
This is what Maulana Saad said that the people who are preventing them from coming to the mosque are Kafir people, they are ignorant people etc. You will die in the mosque and nothing is better than Allah – so do not stop visiting the mosque under the guise of these people.

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The problem is that the lock of Islam and the mosque in Mecca and the mosque where Islam was born. Are Indian Muslims more aware of Islam than them or is Moulasa Saad? Or is it the authority of the gathering Islamic to throw light on it? It is the ultimate duty of the people of India to please read this article carefully.

By Mahendra Pal Arya


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