What is Starlink: Cost, Availability, Internet Speed and Much More

Starlink is the first company to offer an internet service from which you will get internet service directly from the satellite. The company is founded by the world’s largest tech businessman Elon Musk.


As you watch a lot of TV channels through Dish, now Starlink will provide you internet services based on the same technology in which neither you need cable or broadband nor do you have to wait for broadband connection to be available in your area. Will have to.

Internet speed available from Starlink can be 50 to 150 MBPS, which is much better than normal.

What is Starlink beta?

Starlink Beta is a program run by Starlink in which people who register for the beta program will first get the services of Starlink Internet. Under the Starlink beta program, the user will get internet speeds ranging from 50 to 150 Mbps.

Does Starlink have a data limit?

Currently, there are no data caps under the Starlink beta program. And there is a possibility of no data limit in the future also.

How to download Starlink App?

The Starlink app is available for two platforms. The download links for both Android and iOS are given below, apart from this you can download from Google Playstore or Appstore.

Download for iOS

Download for android

When will you get Starlink in India?

These services have started being available in many countries in the world, but Starlink’s service will be available in India by 2022. So you guys should wait till then.

How much will Starlink Internet cost in India?

The price of Starlink Internet is 99 dollars, which if converted to Indian currency, is between 7300 to 7600 rupee.

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