What is AdSense: Complete Information and Guide

Hello friends, you read in the previous post how to bring the blog to search engine. Now you have completed almost all the necessary things. If you have written the 5 best quality content on your website or blog, then you can apply for AdSense.

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adsense guide

In this post, we will give you complete information about AdSense. Such as what is AdSense, how to create an AdSense account, how to connect AdSense to a website, how to get your blog approved in AdSense, etc. So friends will read the post till the end so that no necessary information is missed. So let’s know about AdSense.

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What is AdSense?

AdSense is an advanced payment system of Google, through which Google manages YouTube content creators, blogs or website running ads and also pays money for advertising.

In AdSense, payment keeps getting added on the basis of advertisement and at the end of the month, if you earn $ 100, then credit it to your bank account.

How to sign up AdSense AdSense Signup Kaise Kare?

To create an Adsense account, you must have a Gmail account. As I have already said that you should do the same Gmail account for search console, analytics and AdSense. So let’s know the process of signing up AdSense.

  1. Visit adsense.com
  2. Here you will get the option of Sign Up Now, click on it.
  3. Now a new page will open in front of you, in which the URL of your website has to be entered, after which you have to enter your Gmail account. You can explore the option of Google suggestion.
  4. After this, you have to sign in with your Gmail account.
  5. After this, if you want to make any changes, then you can click on Change This Info. After that, you have to choose your country.
  6. After this, you have to accept the term and conditions.
  7. And your AdSense account will be successfully created.
  8. After this, you have to provide your address and phone number information.
  9. After verifying the phone number, you will get the AdSense code which you have to place the code in the <head> </section> section of your website.
  10. Now you have to wait for your AdSense account to be approved. If you have written original and informative content, then you can easily get the approval of AdSense.

How to apply for Adsense PIN?

As soon as your account is approved, Ads will start appearing on your video or website. As soon as the balance starts appearing in your account, Google will ask for your address to verify your address, which you have to fill in your full address after that and apply for the send pin. After this, Google Adsense will send the PIN to the given address and you have to do it for PIN verification.

Many times it takes time to get a PIN, then you can request for replacement of the PIN as well. Apart from this, many times the verification pin is not reached on the address, then you have to verify the AdSense from another method. In which you have to give identity proof and pan details. But this process can be done at least 4 to 6 weeks after sending the PIN.

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Answers to questions related to AdSense

Does Google AdSense give Approval for multi languages?

Google Adsense approves blogs for both Hindi and English (multi language) languages. But you should create a new version of your blog for both languages. If your main domain is approved in AdSense, then you can use Subdomain for Hindi language for which you will not need approval. And you can publish your blog in more languages. And Ads will run on all.

My AdSense account disabled for the Hindi website what is next?

Adsense account is never disabled due to language. The main reason why AdSense is disabled is not to follow the privacy and policy of Google AdSense. There are many reasons why Google Adsense is disabled, some of which are given below.

  1. Invalid Clicks
  2. Invalid Traffic
  3. Copyright and Duplicate Content
  4. Apart from this, Google Adsense does not serve ads even if social traffic and direct traffic comes on your website and organic traffic does not come.

Why Google AdSense CPC is too Low?

There are several reasons why CPC is low on Google Adsense, some of which are as follows.

  1. Content Quality
  2. Content Niche
  3. Type of Traffic
  4. User Cookies
  5. Location

What is the Difference Between Adwords and Adsense?

Adword is a Google tool through which you can run your product ads in a website, video, or search result. The same Google Adsense works by displaying the ads running by Adword in a website or video or search result and in return for payment credit.

What to Do after Google Adsense account approved?

After the approval of Google Adsense, you have to keep writing content for your website and put the code from AdSense in a place where people get more attention. Apart from this, the auto ad code of Adsense must be enabled. With this, Google will automatically show the necessary Ads at the right place.

Why No Adsense Ads on Blog?

There are several reasons why AdSense Ads may not appear on the blog, some of which are as follows.

  1. No proper placement of AdSense ad code.
  2. The website not verified with AdSense
  3. Poor quality of content

How to Know My Google Adsense Account Created Or Not?

Google Adsense account is created for YouTube, blog, or website. If you want to know whether your Google AdSense account has been created or not, then you should follow the following things.

  1. Visit adsense.com
  2. Sign in with your Gmail account.
  3. If your account is created, then you will be successfully redirected to the home page of AdSense.

Will the Product Reviews website get Adsense approval or not?

The product review website will get Adsense Approval easily and such website gets good CTR, CPC and Impression Cost, so the review website is good for Adsense as well as Affiliate Marketing.

What is youtube adsense requirements?

To get AdSense Approval for Youtube, Channel should fulfill given requirements.

  1. Youtube Channel Should Have 1000 or more subscribers
  2. Youtube Channel needs to complete 4000 hours view time in the previous 12 months.

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