Realme How do I get rid of Realme Glance?

Realme How do I get rid of Realme Glance?: Brand Realme is known for the cheaper device with high performance and best hardware configuration. That’s why lot of bloatware bagged in the device. They also used to add apps time to time with updates which really affects user experiences.

Now days after Realme UI 3.0 update almost every devices got a headache of Glance. Glance is the option which provides magazine, or wallpaper like view on mobile lock screen which contains news and it also shows the ads when you swipe left or right on lock screen.

Glance is not only affecting lower and mid range phones it is troubling premium segment users. I am using Realme GT 2 Pro which is the top end device of the company but glance is really forcing me to use.

Many time this app forces to use on lock screen and comes notification on lock screen to use.

The biggest thing is there is option to disable but its recommendation will come again and again after disabling the option.

So, here you will get permanent solution to rid of Realme Glance in very easy way.

Steps to get rid of Realme Glance

If you are little bit from technical background just turn on your laptop and follow the steps

1. Enable Developer mode and activate usb debugging: You can enable developer mode by watching YouTube videos or click to view the step by step guide.

2. Download and platform tool.
3. type cmd in platform tool path and hit enter.
4. type adb shell and hit enter
here you will get your device name.
now just copy and paste the below code to uninstall glance.

“pm uninstall -k –user 0 com.glance.internet”

Your internet glance will be disable and you will not get any notification. Although in setting option you get option to turn on or off but that option will not work for you.
Note: This option may occur again after updating your device again but you can again disable using same trick.

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