Realme GT NEO 2 Gaming Review: Real Racing 3, COD & NFS

Realme GT Neo 2 is confirmed and the date of the launch in India also has been revealed. The device will be launched on 13th October 2021 at 12:30 PM. But before the official release of the phone, the Realme Marketing Executive and other staff revealing the new features every day. In this article, we are sharing the review of Realme GT Neo 2 as a gaming device which is done by Rahul.

Realme GT Neo 2 Comes with a Powerful Processor Snapdragon 870 which is based on a 7 nm architec. Its Display is also the best ever display in any other mobile device as well as they are using the latest RAM technology 3.1 and Storage is 3.1 which is unbeatable in the market. This phone has a 360° power where you can perform heavy usage, photography, and Gaming very smoothly. So let’s read the gaming review of the device on three popular games.

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Realme GT NEO 2 Gaming Review

But today, we are testing how good the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 powered Realme GT NEO 2 is at gaming. Want to explore the power of the upcoming beast? Let’s get started.

I tried out my 3 favorite games on this device. Let’s have a look one by one.

Real Racing 3 in Realme GT Neo 2

eal Racing 3 in Realme GT Neo 2

Why I chose this game:

Ultra-realistic graphics and gameplay physics make it one of the most engaging racing games out there.

Why the realme GT NEO 2 is the best device for this:

Rendering Real Racing 3’s highly detailed real-world tracks in all its gorgeous graphical glory while maintaining playable frame rates is a challenge for any smartphone SoC. I’ve personally played this game on many devices and found that most struggle to deliver consistent frame rates. However, that is not the case with the real GT NEO 2. It’s Snapdragon 870 SoC runs the game like a charm with no noticeable frame drops even in the most demanding scenarios. This is thanks to it’s tried and tested Adreno 650 GPU and Stainless Vapour Cooling Plus system.

COD in Realme GT Neo 2

 COD in Realme GT Neo 2

Why I chose this game:

Racing games are fun, but the real test of a gaming smartphone is how well it can handle an online first-person shooter. Being a COD fan, COD mobile was a no-brainer.

Why the realme GT NEO 2 is the best device for this:

A good experience in an FPS game is not just about the graphics. It’s a combination of graphics, performance, latency and touch response that determines if you’re having that Chicken Dinner tonight. With GT mode 2.0, you get immersed in the game like never before. Latency is almost non-existent and clubbed with the super-fast touch response, what you see and do is reflected instantly in the game. No lag at all. The Oh so good graphics you get when you run the game on the highest settings is just a cherry on top.


NFS in Realme GT Neo 2


Why I chose this game:

In some games, you just want to turn your brain off and have some fun. NFS is that game for me. Unlike real racing 3, the game physics here is anything but realistic, but that’s what makes the game so much fun.

Why the realme GT NEO 2 is the best device for this:

NFS is a gorgeous-looking game. The lighting, the textures, the models all come together to create a surreal game world that you’d find hard to believe is rendered on a mobile phone. But to play the game at it’s full potential, without any lags or stutters and on the highest setting, you need a smartphone that has that raw processing power. The Realme GT NEO 2’s Snapdragon 870 with it’s Adreno 650 GPU and highest clock speed in any smartphone makes the gameplay super smooth, graphics look extremely good and load times are basically non-existent. So you can jump right into any demanding game you want and have a great experience playing it on the Realme GT NEO 2

So that’s it, guys! I honestly had a lot of fun with this “task”. Gaming is such a stress buster for me, and to enjoy it on the Realme GT NEO 2 was a cherry on the top. Honestly, this is one of the best gaming experiences I have had in a while… and now I can’t stop myself from playing more & more.

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