Realme GT Neo 2 Camera Review, Specifications

Realme GT Series has become popular and in this series, Realme GT Neo 2 is an awaited device that has brilliant features. GT series by Realme is a flagship phone and they almost gave a great list of excellent features with the best hardware setup. This phone comes with a superb triple camera setup

Realme GT Neo 2 Camera Review, Specifications

Let’s start talking about the main hardware specifications:

Realme GT Neo 2 Camera Specifications


The device comes with a 64 MP Primary Camera [f/1.8, FOV 78.6°, Focal length: 26MM]. It is equipped with a Samsung sensor of 1/1.72 inch, and a pixel size of 0.8um which can shoot images in 3 formats i.e Jpeg, DNG (Raw), and HEIF.

The wide-angle camera sports an 8 MP lens providing a large FOV of 119°, and a 4cm Macro lens of 2MP [f/2.4].

The camera can produce images of the following resolutions under different modes:

Primary Camera: 3456*4608(4:3)

64M mode: 6944*9280

Wide-angle: 2448*3264(4:3)

Macro: 1200*1600

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Apart from these, the device can produce Video output up to [email protected] [Default: [email protected]], Slow motion videos at [email protected], or [email protected]

When it comes to stabilization while recording a video, the device offers three different modes i.e. EIS (normal mode), UIS, and UIS Max to get super smooth videos.

Let’s jump to the software front:

Tons of features clubbed into one interface: Dual-Video Mode, Street Mode, Movie Mode, Pano mode, Super nightscape, Expert Mode, Ultra Macro mode, HDR, ultra Wide-angle, AI scene recognition, AI beauty, filter, Dazzle color mode, Text scanner, Portrait distortion correction, Tilt-shift, Starry mode and the list goes on.

I’ll try to show as much as possible in order to do justice to the brains and arms behind the camera development of this one.

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Realme GT Neo 2 Camera Review: Shots Taken in Realme GT Neo 2

Starting with the normal mode samples under different scenarios:

Normal mode [Perpendicular to Sunlight]

Normal Mode [Against the sunlight, Red-Blue-Green]

Normal Mode [Sun in front of lens]

Normal Mode [Close shot, Sunlight, Greens]

Normal Mode [Outdoor, Blues]

Normal Mode [Outdoor, Red & Black]

Normal Mode [Fast shutter, Moving @80Kmph]

Night Shot [Backlit portrait]

Night shot [Buildings]


Who doesn’t love portraits? Not only do portraits test your skills, but shooting a great portrait gives you a piece of work that will probably be treasured & appreciated for a very long time. With that in mind, I wanted to cover the topic of portraiture & show you guys how cool you look under different scenarios and lighting conditions using multiple modes for portrait shots.

Selfie Camera Portrait:

Normal Mode [Outdoor, under Direct Sunlight, Front Camera]

Portrait mode [Outdoor, Direct Sunlight, Front Camera]

Portrait mode [Outdoor, Sun at the back, Front Camera]

Normal Mode [Outdoor, Rear Camera]

Portrait Mode [Outdoor, Rear Camera]

Dynamic Bokeh Portrait Mode [Indoor, Rear Camera]

AI Color Portrait Mode [Indoor, Rear Camera]

Bokeh Flare Portrait mode [Indoor, Rear Camera]


We introduced the World’s 1st Street Photography Mode on the realme GT Master Edition & we are continuing the trend with the realme GT NEO 2.

The secret to Street Photography is Real and Quick. The camera comes with Preset High Contrast Filter, Preset B&W plus Filter and Preset Dynamic filter, which enables you to do amazing street photography at 16mm, 24mm, 50mm and 120mm. Here are a few samples using the Street Mode:


Here’s how the “Text Scanner” feature works: It helps a great deal while digitally capturing a document.


A fun walk to explore the Dual-Video Mode- using both front and rear cameras simultaneously..


Want to capture the minute details up-close? Here’s what we have to offer!

Inbuilt Photo Filters:

No time to edit your pictures? No worries! We have a set of filters up and ready for you. You can use them real-time while clicking or at a later stage using an in-built photo editor.


This mode uses an AI algorithm to identify the scenarios you’re capturing and tune the image accordingly.

That’s it from my end! It was super fun coming on realme community & talking about the camera of the upcoming realme GT NEO 2. Hope you got some insights of how powerful the camera really is! You might find me clicking so many more images & I’ll be sure to share it with you guys too.

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