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Software is a very important component of a machine which helps you to handle the hardware. And choosing the correct software for your machine (PC) is a big deal because software is bein upgraded in a very short period but you can not upgrade hardware so frequently that’s why user faces lot of problems. To getting out of these solution you need to select the exact and accurate version of software to run your pc smoothly.

Get Your Software Installed By Us

Operating Systems

Windows 11 Pro:

Software Cost: ₹1000

Visit Charges: ₹200 (Visit Charges)

Total: ₹1200

No TPM 2.0 Required

Windows 10 Pro:

Software Cost: ₹300

Visit Charges: ₹200 (Visit Charges)

Total: ₹500

Graphics Software at Affordable Price

Adobe Illustrator CC 2022 and CS6:

Adobe Photoshop CC 2022 and CS6:

Adobe InDesign CC 2022 and CS6:


Audio and Video Editing Software

Adobe Premier Pro CC 2022

Adobe After Effect CC 2022

Adobe Audition CC 2022

Adobe Animate CC 2022

Document and Word Processing Software

MS Office 2010

MS Office 2013

MS Office 2016

MS Office 2019

MS Office 2021

Contact Details

Contact Us: +91 9999154626

Email: [email protected]

Note: All the software have guaranteed 1 Year Working Period.

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