How to Make Money by Blogging?

Hi Friends, Searching for how to make money by blogging or how to earn money from blogging then you are at the correct place. We will tell you everything to make money by blogging. As you know that people search on internet before going anywhere on tour, purchasing any product either shop or online like clothes, electronic gadgets, medicine, disease, etc.

How to Make Money by Blogging?

So all the above-discussed things show that people are totally based on internet and they ask questions: Should I do this? Should I buy it? Should I go there? and if they search any question they get so many results from google (exactly not by google but content provider, blogger, website owner, who write content on that specific search keyword.

And the dependencies on the internet is good for those who want earn money from online world by, giving correct answer of users question, suggesting correct gadget, medicine or product for that user is searching.

How Many Ways of Making Money By Blogging?

If you are asking “How many ways to make money by blogging?” then there is not a single answer for that question. Earning money by blogging totally depends upon you but still, I am suggesting some ideas

  1. If you are a blogger who writes content then you have the Best Option of Google AdSense. Google AdSense shows ads in your website and give money for impression and clicks on running ads.
  2. If you have a big user base then you can get offers from company to promote their product on your website for which they pay a good amount.
  3. If you review clothes, shoes, grooming products, gadgets, books, household things, etc then you can sell it yourself and earn money directly or you can join affiliate programs of big companies according to your county Like Amazon-Affiliate Program, Flipkart-Affiliate,  etc.

What is required for Blogging?

Guys, Before starting the blog you need to be determined that you will give time to your blog, You will provide quality content to your users, you will not copy content from others, you will research about the product and content whats you’re going to sell yourself, or affiliate program or promoting any product of the company. Because Being a blogger is not a big thing but being a professional honest blogger may give you a lot of things that you can’t expect.

After all the above things, you should have the following

  • You should have a domain by that address the user will reach your content and google also acquire things what you publish. For this, if you don’t want to invest money then you can go for a blogger which is free, and also a product of google.

*Before start blogging on Blogger or purchasing domain always remember to select a niche specific domain name on which topic you can write properly.

For example: If you are going to publish story type content then your domain name should contain story word, if you are going to publish electronic products information your domain must contain electronic. For story blogs your domain should be like it means your domain posts story and google will think that your website is made for publishing story and if anybody search for story there is chance to be your website in top 10 or number 1.

  • But if you want your own customized blog and domain name of your choice then you need to check your budget for nearby 5000 INR or $80 to purchase domain and web hosting for three years. I recommend buying a domain and hosting for three years which will reduce your cost and also development of website or blog, indexing on google, and seo process will take time. So Make Sure that you will not get traffic in starting of 6 months. I recommend hostripples which provide you hosting and domain name at a very reasonable price. When I started my website I bought Hosting @ Just Rs 35 Only but my domain is bought from GoDaddy its also for three years. My Hostripples affiliate link: Click to go.
  • After purchasing domain and hosting you have two options either you code and design your blog or website yourself if you know to code. And if you don’t know coding then need not to worry there are lovely WordPress cms (Content Management Service) available for free you can install on your server and customize your website.
  • After Installing WordPress You have to select lite weight responsive theme from WordPress suggested themes or you can purchase other paid themes also but i recommend to start with free themes till you are not generating any income.

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How to write blogs?

After all, these things you have a bit tough thing is research. After selecting a niche you need to select keywords for which you are going to right. Your keyword should be enough strong to drive traffic it should be searched in google or other search engines like bing, yahoo. etc. Before writing your blog you can search that on the keyword you are going to write content is being searched in google or not or any other keyword suggestion available for your keyword which is being searched in high volume and how many searches monthly if searched because its number depend on the chance of traffic on your website.

For Researching Keywords Use UBERSUGEST by NEIL PATEL.

After Selecting powerful Keyword you need to write your content and repeat your keywords at least three times in your blog. Like My Keyword is  “How to Make Money by Blogging?

After posting 3 to 5 blogs If you can register your website for AdSense you can go for this to ADSENSEand follow the instructions of google. If any issue you can comment us on Facebook.

Adsense Does not ask for traffic. Google needs content on your website to start advertising.

How to Index Your Website in Google Search?

Guys After doing all the above processes it’s important to get your website indexed in google. For Indexing Your Website you need to Signup a Webmaster with your google account and register your domain name. Create a sitemap by going online to sitemap generators.  after a successful process you will get a sitemap xml file which is needed to be uploaded in your root directory and also link to your Search Console. I will create a video for all these things to explain properly. Like our facebook page: Eclassmate to get updates.

What is SEO?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization.It is the process that’s proper implementation may lead you rank 1 or in top ranking in search result which leads traffic on your website or blog for free(organic traffic).


SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of optimizing a website to get targeted traffic by ranking in search engines.

If you can rank highly in search engines like Google for your target key phrases, you’ll be able to get more clicks.

How Many Types of SEO?

Commonly there is two types of SEO

  1. On-Page SEO and
  2. Off Page SEO

What is On Page SEO?

On Page SEO totally depends upon you to score high. Some Checklists are given.

  1. Its important to select a powerful keyword that is being searched in google and write your content around your keyword. Repeat your keywords 4 to 5 times in your content at least 1 time in your first paragraph. Use Keyword As Title, Image file name, image alt.
  2. Use Heading tags properly. Use h1, h2 & h3 tags atleast.
  3. Use optimized and proper images for your post and name your image file the same as your title and also in the alt section which also leads traffic to your website.
  4. Your Article should contain at least 1000 words because reach content leads to traffic.

What is Off Page SEO?

Off-Page Seo is difficult to process but if you can contact famous websites and ask to publish your content on their website page with a source link which will authorize that your content is good and popular website also refereeing your links. And this process may increase the authority of your domain and leads traffic to your site.

How to Optimize My Website?

Website loading speed is also one of the strongest factors to get ranked. After all these processes you need to take care page loading speed. To check page speed there are two main websites that explain your page speed.

  1. Google Page Speed Insight

These two websites check your page speed. It also suggests required changes that may increase your page speed.

How to optimize WordPress Website?

If you are using WordPress for your website management then you can not do more without plugins. So I suggest you use some cache plugins like WP ROCKET Free or Paid, W3 Total Cache, Lite Speed, WP Fastest Cache, Autoptimize, etc.

The use of JavaScript make pages slower so take care when using JavaScripts

Frequently Asked Questions

Is affiliate marketing is a good source for earning by writing biographies on a blog in Hindi?

Affiliate Marketing is a most valuable source of earning for blogs and websites. But if we talk about the biographical blog in Hindi for affiliate marketing, it is hard to say this is a good source because people click less on biography pages in comparison to product-oriented blogs and Clicks are the main source of conversion. So we recommend writing a blog about products you want to recommend for a successful affiliate blog.

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