How to get blog into search engine

Hello friends, you must have read in previous posts how to add domain names from Blogger and how to use Blogger Hosting for Free. Now you have purchased the domain name and also connected it to Blogger, then you have to learn to add your website or blog to the Google search engine to get ranked in Google Search Engine Fast.

Google Search Console is used to quickly add your website to Google. So in this post, you will learn about Google Search Console and how to add a website or blog to Google. So friends will read the post till the end so that no necessary information is missed. So let’s know how to bring a blog to the search engine.

How to bring a blog to search engine

Before proceeding, you must know what is Google Search Console?

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a tool developed by Google that inspects websites and helps websites or blogs to index and rank in search engines.

So let’s know how to signup for Google Search Console?

A Gmail account is required to signup to Google Search Console. Remember that the Gmail account that you are going to use for Google Search Console, you can also use in the future for all Google services like Google Analytics, AdSense, etc.

Follow the steps to signup Google Search Console.

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Start Now.
  3. After this, you have to signup with a Google account (Gmail).
  4. After this, you will be signed up for Google Search Console.

How to add a blog or website in Google Search Console?

blog ko search engine me kaise laye

After signup, you will get the option to add your blog or website as can be seen in the image. Here you will get the option to add the domain in two ways. The first method to which you add the domain includes your domain as well as subdomains: for example if your domain name is, then all your, or subdomain in this method. and all domain versions will be included.

Whereas in the second method you get the option of Specific URL Prefix, in which you can add different versions of your domain as a different domain. Apart from this, there are different methods to verify both, such as DNS verification is required for the domain. The same 5 option is available for URL Prefix.

How to Add DNS?

To add or edit DNS configuration follow the below steps.

  1. Sign in to your domain name providers like or
  2. Now you have to go to DNS management and create a TXT record. And paste the copied record from the search console to the DNS value.
  3. Click on press verify and your domain will be connected to the search console after it is verified.

If your website is still not connected to the Google Search Console, try the URL prefix option.

If you want to add your blog or website to Google through URL prefix, then you have to add your domain version to the option of URL prefix where you can verify your website in 5 ways. But we will only discuss the 3 easiest ways to varify domain names.

URL PREFIX Method to Varify Domain

1. Upload the HTML file in their root directory to Varify

The first method is suitable for people who buy and use hosting plans. Those who have a hosting plan can access the file manager through cPanel and upload the HTML file in their root directory to Varify.

2. HTML tag method

The second method is the HTML tag method, in which you will find a code that has to be placed in the home page of your website between the head and body and click on Varify to complete the verification. This method is the best option for those using blogger cms.

3. Google Analytics

The third method is Google Analytics, For people who use Google Analytics, if they have inserted the code of Google Analytics in the head section of their website, then their website will be automatically Varify.

The fourth and fifth option is a little time consuming, so please validate your website in the Google search console with the above method. And in case of any problem, please contact us. Your website will be ranked in Google within 1 to 7 days of verification.

Now you should start writing posts and after writing 5 to 7 posts you can apply for AdSense. In the next blog, we will learn about AdSense and how to associate AdSense with the website.

So in this blog, learned how to add your website to the Google search engine. I hope that you will like this information.

Frequently Asked Question

How to delete my old Blogger site in Google Search Console?

Deleting any site like blogger and custom domain in the Google search console is very easy.

  1. Login to your Google search console and go to settings from the bottom left.
  2. In the bottom of the page, you will find remove property.
  3. Click on Remove property and your domain will be removed from the search console.

Note: Your website will still be available on search engines.

Is we have to add manually every post of your blog in Google Search Console?

No, it is not required if you have a sitemap file added in the Google search console and it also does without sitemap. But if you do add your post manually it’s good for you because the faster the google search console gets informed faster he processes the post or page.

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