How to Draw Spring in Corel Draw

Drawing spring in Corel draw is very easy but you should know that how and what logic will make a perfect spring. Exactly, we need to think that what is the best way to draw any illustration. So many graphics designers draw illustrations using different-different tricks. Today, I will share my trick with you and I will tell you how to draw Spring in any software like Corel, Illustrator, etc. But in this blog spring is drawn in Corel Draw.

Steps to Draw Spring

Step 1

First, you need to open your Corel Draw App and take a new document where you will draw the spring. Now take a guideline on your document page and set it in the center or anywhere you want. After that, Take the ellipse tool manually or press F7 to switch the ellipse tool and draw an ellipse like shown in the image.


Step 2.

Now, you need to think and use tricks to make a perfect spring as we know that spring has a roll and some distance between rolls. So we will use this concept. Let’s do the ahead process.

Select the shape tool or press F10 to switch the shape tool and select ellipse you will find Arc in the control palette. After clicking on arc, you see that the ellipse changes to the arc. Now adjust arc and touch its both side with the guideline. See image

Step 3.

As you have done this process. Now you need not think so much you have done the job just make copies of arc. But remember to copy the arc and place its left ending point at the right ending point. After that repeat the process according to the length of spring.

Image is given for reference

Tips: You can pick arc and drop with right-click to create copy and Press Ctrl + R to repeat or create the copy of arc at the same distance.

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Step 4.

After this, you will see that the object will start looking like spring but its not perfect still and need to finish some things to give a perfect shape of spring. Now you need to select all arcs and weld it using the option in corel draw. Image is given for reference


Step 5.

Now your spring is ready 90% and after welding the image. You need to select two nodes using the shape tool and click on join node in the control palette and again select the same node and delete node do this process one by one to give a perfect shape.

Now, you will see your spring has taken a perfect shape and you can modify it according to you. You can increase or decrease space between rolls and resize or do whats you want.

Click to watch our youtube tutorial on spring

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