How much minimum words required in poem as per Adsense?

AdSense has been become a best online earning source. Mainly AdSense pay for two platform 1st Website and 2nd YouTube. So there are two ways to make money using AdSense. But there are a huge list of questions too related to AdSense. So here are some questions will be answered and it will help to the new creators, publishers(Bloggers)

How much minimum words required in poem as per Adsense?

There is no minimum word criteria to get AdSense approval. Generally, AdSense prefer good original content written in long article form. But if you want to write poems it should be at least 4 to 8 liens so that user can stay on the page or it may also help that you make a collection of poems on a single pages.

How many words required in poem for blog to get approval from Adsense? Is there any limitations of words in case of poem?

If you want AdSense approval then you only need to focus on content quality and number of post. If you are writing original content then you can easily get approval from AdSense. According to AdSense there are no any limitations of words but content should be as long as user can stay upto 2 minutes. So if your poems length is almost 200 to 300 words it will be perfect to get approval of AdSense.

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