How Easy to Buy A Domain Name in 2021: Blogging Tips

Hello friends, you all must have read in our previous post how to earn money from blogging? But before starting a blog, the most important thing is a domain name. Now the question is what is a domain name? Why is it necessary to buy a domain name? How to buy a domain name? So friends will read the post till the end so that no necessary information is missed. So let’s know about the domain name.

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What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is an address through which people can access any website. If said in common language, the domain name is the address of your ideas, post, or page, where it is needed to access it.

Why is it important to buy a domain name?

By the way, you can also start blogging with the subdomain name of Blogger, but there are many advantages to buying a unique domain name:

  1. With the domain name, you create a brand that is not found on
  2. A unique domain quickly ranks in Google.
  3. Your domain earns Google Trust Score over time which is very important and if you later take your domain from Blogger then your domain score is zero. Which is not good for you.
  4. If you have your own domain name, then you are not afraid to buy the domain in the future or if the same domain name is not available. Also, domain names are available very cheaply.
  5. So now we will know what things to keep in mind before buying a domain name.

The domain name starts at less than $2 for the first year but you do not have to take any domain name. You have to pay attention before taking the domain name, what are you going to make a blog about? If your blog is read all over the world, always take a .com domain only. If you also target a local audience, then you should take the only .com because all popular brands use only the .com domain.

So now we will know how to buy a domain.

How to buy a domain name?

While buying a domain name, keep in mind that the domain name should be unique, as well as if you are creating a blog on any one topic, then definitely include the name of that topic in the domain name.

So let’s know how to buy a domain name

  1. First, you visit and create an account on it.
  2. After this, search your domain name.
  3. Select domain name based on availability and add to cart.
  4. Now, remove the other offers and go to the payment option.
  5. Your domain will be booked after payment

So friends, now you have bought the domain name successfully, if you want, you can start blogging without adding a hosting plan by using This will be the best option for starting, which you can use for free.

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