Google Ad Manager: Complete Setup Tutorial 2021

Hello Friends, Welcome To Eclassmate, In this brand new tutorial, you will know every required information to set up Google Ad Manager for Your Blog or Website. This Tutorial will Cover the Following Topics

What is Google Ad Manager?

Who can use Google Ad Manager?

How to Signup with Google Ad Manager?

What is Placement in Google AdManager?

How to Create AdUnits in Ad Manager

How to Create Order in Google Ad Manager?

How to Create Line Items in Google Ad Manager?

How to Create Ad Creatives in Google Ad Manager?

Google Ad Manager Complete

Google Ad Manager: Complete Setup Tutorial 2021

Almost everything we tried to cover in this tutorial but if anything left please let us know. Let Start With Question Number 1

What is Google Ad Manager?

Google Ad Manager is a free and paid Plateform to manage ads efficiently. Ad Manager’s Free Version is available for Small and Medium Businesses where You can get a 150 Million Impressions Limit per Month.

So in This article, we will only talk about the Free Version of Google Ad Manager. The Next Question is

Who can use Google Ad Manager?

Every Small or Medium Website that has an Approved Adsense account can Signup for Google Ad Manager. So let see the process to Signup Google Ad Manager.

  • Visit and click on Get Started
  • There are some questions you need to answer
  • What best describes your business?: I am going to tell you about Web and Video so Select Web or Video or select According to your business. Click Continue
  • The next Question is Approximately how many monthly pageviews does your website get?*: I recommend select less than 10 Million to Get a Free Version of Ad Manager.
  • Answer The next Question Are you looking for any of the following features? If not, select none:*: Select All three except none
  • The next question is Do you have an existing Google AdSense account?*: In this process, an Approved Adsense account is required so please select yes.
  • What industry does your business fall into?*: Select According to Your Website Category
  • Where is your business based?* Select According to your region
    Click Save and Continue.

If you have an Approved Adsense account you will be successfully Signed up with Google Ad Manager.

Now we Need to Know about Placement before Creating Ad Units,

What is Placement in Google Ad Manager?

Placement is a very important guide where Order Items and Ad Units both work with Placement. Suppose You create an ad unit and an order line item and want to place it in the header to compete with each other then you need to select placement in order item and ad units so that both can fight for higher revenue to get a placement with a single ad unit code. If you get more revenue from Adsense your line item will not be served although if AdSense pays less than your order item then your order item will fill the placement.

Now we need to learn about how to create ad units.

How to Create Ad Units in Google Ad Manager?

To create an Ad Unit you need to expand the Inventory Section where you will find the Ad Unit option. After Clicking the Ad unit you get the form to Fill and Create an Ad Unit. Follow the Steps to Create Ad Units.

  • Give a Name to Ad Unit Keep the same name as code
  • If you want to add a description you can.
  • Select Ad sizes for Mobile, Desktop, and Tablet. Now you need to assign your ad unit a placement which already discussed.
  • Maximize Revenue of unsold inventory with AdSense should be ticked
  • You can also set label frequency
  • Set Ad unit frequency
  • Click on Save Button

Ad Unit Code Successfully Created.

To get Ad Unit Code go to ad units and click on the created ad unit Go to Tags and select Google publisher tag and continue. You will find 2 pieces of the code place the head section code to your website head and body section code where you want to show ads.

The next question is How to Create an Order?

How to Create Order in Google Ad Manager?

Before Creating Order we need to know What is the order in Google Ad Manager? Orders are created for third-party Advertisements suppose you get an offer from an advertiser or company to place ads on your website and the Advertiser or Company pays you 5 dollars for 1000 impressions it means you get 0.005 dollars for every single impression. and there is a twist suppose someone wants to pay you 0.05 dollars for a single impression then which ad would you like to run?

So, in this case, the Ad Manager does the job and if he gets a higher bid from Adsense he replaces your third-party ad with AdSense ads but it does not happen always.

So let’s learn about creating Order. Follow the steps to create an Order.

  • Click on Delivery and Create New Order
  • Fill in the form like name and company name save and approve the order.
  • Now click on orders where you will see a created order
  • Click on the reader order Now you need to create a line item for the order.
  • Click on create new line order and select display ad give a name to your line item.
  • Priority should be price priority to increase revenue and compete with Adsense.
  • Now you need to select ad sizes for Mobile, Desktop, and Tablet if you want to run on different devices.
  • Select the date of Start and End. Number of Impressions you want. How much did you charge for this order and what cost you are getting per impression? and if you are giving any discount it could be included.
  • You can also manage the day and time when you want to show ads. You can also set the frequency of how many times a user should show a single ad per hour, per day, or a lifetime.
  • Now you need to select inventory, which means ad unit that you want to bind with the line item because the ad unit carries information of AdSense as well order and line items also.

In ad manager, you also get the option to target specific geo-locations, devices, browsers, operating systems, and much more which you can try and if facing any problems don’t forget to ask us.

When all these things completed you need to do a final work and that is creative for your line items.

How to Create a Creative in Google Ad Manager?

Click on Creatives to create a new creative and select the size of the creative, upload image, HTML code, and some other options available for your creatives. we recommend image creative which is easy to do. Upload the correct image for your creative and give a link, or contact number for landing after the link clicked. You can preview the ad how will it look like. Now you need to check all the things are perfect. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes and your ad will start serving.

So this is all about Google Ad Manager Complete Setup.

Thank You For Reading the Post.

Watch our Google Ad Manager Video Tutorial in Hindi & English

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