ForeMedia Ad Network: Complete Guide & Review with Payment Proof is a new growing Ad Network and there are a huge list of questions that is being asked regarding this Ad Network. So after using more than 3 months and also got feedback from the users that is recommended by me, I am writing this complete Review with Payment Proof.

So Hello and welcome to the useful post on ForeMedia Ad network Complete Guide & Review with Payment Proof. I understand that everyone who want to go with any ad network want to know complete information about the ad network so that he could not get cheated or face any issue in future. So here I am Govind from Eclassmate, I am sharing complete information like Signup, Implementation, Payment Proof, pros and cons so that you could decide that you should go with Fore Media or Not.

So lets get a quick information about ForeMedia

About ForeMedia

ForeMedia is an Israeli Ad Network Company which have a various types of ad available to show on publishers website Example: Google Ad Exchange Ads, Native Ads, Popup ads, Video Ads, etc. They are also advertising partner of Microsoft and also have years of experience in the digital ads industry. ForeMedia is an innovative digital display advertising network that unites the advertisers and publishers through its self-serve platform. Fore Media strive to improve the conversion rate of advertisers to maximize their ROI while working hard to make the most out of publishers’ web traffic to increase their revenue.

Fore Media have in-house team of expert and dedicated support who works hard and is never afraid to innovate. Fore Media gives a best support than any other ad network like Ezoic and AdSense.

Publisher Requirement to Signup with is really a best available ad network for every small and big blogs or websites. It also works on social traffics and referrals. Its requirement is as below.

  1. A Website with contents
  2. Email Id
  3. No Minimum Traffic Limit
  4. Content Should Follow Google Policies and Privacy.
    Example: Content should be legit. Nudity and sexual content not allowed.

How to Make Money from

As I above described that it is a Growing and becoming bigger day by day so they have a various types of ad types they run on your website.

They pay for CPM (Cost per Mile) and CPC (Cost per Click) both. So you need not to worry if you don’t get a click you will earn for watching the ads.

How to Apply for ForeMedia?

As I experienced the Signup process is very easy and fast. You can get approved withing 48 hours of successful registration after implementation of all the 3 Steps.

Click to Signup Now

You need to fill form from above link to get the Dashboard of ForeMedia.

After the Completion of Filling the Form and Signup, You will Get a Dashboard Look Like Below.

ForeMedia Implementation

ForeMedia Implementation Steps

There are four simple steps you need to follow.

  1. Click on Get ADS.TXT and you will find the code, Place it in your own ads.txt or create a new ads.txt: Know More About ads.txt
  2. Click on Business Manager you will find a JS code you need to place in your website head section or body section. It will analyze your traffic.
  3. Now you need to add a payment source where you will get your earned amount. There are two options available, Bank Account and PayPal select whatever you wish.
  4. The last step is upon the ForeMedia they will review your form and analyze details and then your website will be approved for ads.

Note: According to My Experience they will approve your application within 48 hours.

Foremedia Ads Format

They offer various friendly ads format such as:

  • Display ads
  • Native ads
  • Push notifications
  • Pop up ads etc.

Note: They don’t serve ads for amp pages.

How to withdraw Payment from

Getting Payment from ForeMedia is very easy. There are two sources where you can receive payments.

  1. Bank Account
  2. PayPal

ForeMedia Payment Proof

A lot of users ask me to show the payment proof on my YouTube Video. So after long time we received the payment from ForeMedia and attaching the screenshot of Payment Proof.

Note: Payment cycle of ForeMedia is 45 Days and You need to request payment before 12 if your reach minimum threshold of $100 in payment section.

ForeMedia Payment Proof

ForeMedia Pros & Cons.

After using and recommending more than 100 publishers, I am writing about ForeMedia Pros and Cons.


  1. Fast and Easy Setup
  2. Convenient Payment Methods​
  3. Dedicated Support
  4. Do It Yourself (DIY) platform
  5. Best Alternative of AdSense and other Ad Network
  6. Improved Dashboard Live Impression and Earning Report


  1. Auto Ads Implementation Does not work sometime
  2. Many Ad types unavailable to use like video ads.


ForeMedia is started advertising and Growing in the market so the publisher who never listened about the Ad Network is confused but It is 100% Trusted Platform and Another Trust source is that it is Advertising Partner with Microsoft. So if you want to go with CPM, CPC based earning Ad Network then ForeMedia is one of the best Ad Network for You.

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Is legit? is a legit Ad Network as we have received payment of 350 dollar from ForeMedia. It is also advertising partner of Microsoft. So their is no doubt that is a trusted Ad Network.

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  1. Foremedia Is a 100% Scam guy’s If you want the proof just reply I will send you the proof.
    I earned July Month $15.84
    August Month $860.85
    September Month $664.30
    They Said my traffic is invalid and they deducted all the money and the Final Earning Was $171.22 And they said this will be transferred after 45 day’s and after 45 day’s they send only $1.85. They said my page/session is 670. And my google analytics is showing only a 2.55-page session. I got payment from Google Adsense and they said invalid traffic if you need the proof I will send it to you. Please do not trust them. If you want poof just send me an email [email protected]


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