Class 10 History Notes

Class 10 History Notes

1. The Making of Global World

The Pre Modern Period

The 19th Century

The Inter War Economy

Rebuilding a World Economy : The Post War Era

Important Points to Remember


2. The Age of Industrialization

Before the Industrial Revolution

Hand Labour & Steam Power

Industrialisation in the Colonies

Factories come up

The Peculiarities of Industrial Growth

Market for Goods

Important Terms


Important Points to Remember





3. Work, Life & Leisure – Cities in Count

Reflections of Durgacharans Novel

Characteristics of the City

Social Change in the City

Politics in the City

The city in the Colonial India

Cities and the challenges of the Environment

Important Terms


Solved Examples

Important Points to Remember


4. Print Culture and The Modern World

The First Printed Books 

Print comes to Europe

Gutenberg and the Printing Press                 

The Printing Revolution & Its Impact

The Reading Mania                                     

The 19th Century

India and the world of Print                         

Religious Reforms and Public Debates

New forms of Publications                           

Print and Censorship

Important Points to Remember




5. Novels, Society & History

The Rise of the Novel 

The Novel comes to India

Novels in the Colonial World 

Women and the Novel

The Nation and its History                       

 Important Terms


6. The Rise Of Nationalism In Europe

French Revolution and the idea of the nation

Emergence of Nationalism in Europe

The age of Revolutions 1830-1848

Visualizing the Nation

Nationalism and Imperialism

Important Points to Remember



7. The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China

Emerging from the Shadow of China

The Dilemma of Colonial Education

Hygiene, Disease and Every day Resistance

Religion and Anti colonialism

The vision of Modernization

The communist movement and Vietnamese Nationalism

The Nation and its Heroes

 End of the war

  Important Terms


8. Nationalism in India

Nationalism in India Complete

Important Terms & Dates   

Important Terms





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