3 Yogasanas That Helps Physical and Mental Development of Kids.

For the all-round development of children at a young age, it is very important to take special care of their diet and routine. It is well known that yoga is very beneficial for health. If the habit of doing yoga is inculcated in children from childhood, then along with their physical development in childhood, mental development also happen in childhood rapidly. And in today’s time, not only the elderly or adults but also children have started falling in the grip of serious diseases. There is also a reason that yoga has become necessary for children too, but children should not make more difficult asanas. So let’s know, some such yogasanas for children which are easy as well as beneficial for the development of children.

3 Yogasanas That Helps Physical and Mental Development of Kids.

#1 Sukhasan

  1. To do this asana, make the children sit comfortably with their legs stretched out.
  2. Now place the right foot under the left thigh and the left foot under the right thigh.
  3. Keep the body straight and remain in a meditative state.

Benefits of Sukhasana

By doing this asana, the concentration of Kids increases. Along with this, children are also physically strong and there is agility in the body.

#2 Balasan (Child’s Pose)


  1. In this asana, the position of the body becomes like that of a baby in the womb.
  2. First of all, sit down with your knees bent.
  3. Bring your ankles and ankles together and extend your knees outwards.
  4. Now inhale and bend forward.
  5. When the stomach comes between the two thighs, then exhale.
  6. Keep both the hands in front.

Benefits of Balasan for children

By doing this asana, the mind becomes calm and the child remains mentally healthy. Apart from this, blood circulation throughout the body is improved by this asana.

#3 Tadasana


  1. This posture is called Mountain Pose in English.
  2. First of all, stand up and keep a distance of about ten centimeters between the toes.
  3. Keep equal weight on both the feet and take both the hands upwards.
  4. Keep the body straight and stretch upwards.

Benefits of Tadasana

By doing this asana, the muscles are stretched, due to which the child becomes fit. Apart from this, this asana is also helpful in increasing the height of children.

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