10 Questions of Current affairs

If you are preparing for competitive exam for government job, then these 10 questions may be useful for you.

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1 Which company is making Corona vaccine together with ICMR?
(A) Cipla
(B) Bharat Biotech
(C) Serum Institute
(D) Lupine
2 Who has appointed India’s permanent representative in the UN?
(A) Rahul Sachdeva
(B) Mayank Sharma
(C) Ravi Jha
(D) T. S. Tirumurthy
3 What will be the name of Iran’s new currency?
(A) Rs.
(B) Toman
(C) Rial
(D) None of these
4 Project Monitoring Unit is related to which industry?
(A) Textile Industry
(B) Crockery Industry
(C) Poultry Industry
(D) Coal Industry
5 Naval mission to bring back Indians from abroad?
(A) Sea cycle
(B) Sea shell
(C) Samudra Setu
(D) Samudra Dev
6 State offering free and cashless insurance among Kovid-19?
(A) Haryana
(B) Madhya Pradesh
(C) Maharashtra
(D) Uttar Pradesh
7 Who has launched the space rocket ‘The Long March 5B’?The Long March 5B’
(A) America
(B) China
(C) India
(D) Russia
8 Which Kashmiri product got GI tag recently?
(A) Saffron
(B) Mole
(C) Chana
(D) Rajma
9 Who has taken over as the new Director General of the Bureau of Labor?
(A) Dps Negi
(B) Arya Verma
(C) Ramesh Mittal
(D) Vinay Singh
10 Where is the first case of African swine fever found?
(A) Haryana
(B) Assam
(C) Kerala
(D) Uttar Pradesh


1 Bharat Biotech 6 Maharashtra
2 T.S. Tirumurthy 7 China
3 Toman 8 Saffron
4 Coal Industry 9 DPS Nenegi
5 Samudra Setu 10 Assam


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